Waiting for the New Year

Waiting for the New Year

The results are in, and they weren't surprising. I'm not pregnant.

I told the receptionist that I wanted to do another round immediately, and she told me I have to come in for a scan once I start my next period.

So I did, and they found a residual cyst. This complicates issues. Apparently, the cyst can cause issues with the cycle, so I'm out.

And the only time our clinic closes is during the two weeks around Christmas. If my menstrual cycle is dependable (and it usually is), that means, I'm completely out until 2019. 

This is upsetting. 

We'd [not so] secretly wished to get pregnant on the first two cycles. That way we could announce at Christmas, and now I know that's not going to happen.

I know the doctors are doing what's best for me, but this is just heartbreaking. If I didn't get pregnant, I at least want another shot this year!

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