Oh my God, Becky, look at that needle!

Oh my God, Becky, look at that needle!

I went in for my final ultrasound for this round today, and my doctor's really happy with the size of my follicles. So happy that he's going to give me a "trigger shot" to induce ovulation either today or tomorrow. 

So I went in to the little pharmacy they have there and they handed me a package of HCG trigger shot items.

All was well and good until I pulled out the packet and looked at it, and I believe they might have handed me a friggin rapier instead of a needle. 

It's big, mm kay?

This, in comparison to the teeny needle that I've been using with the Puregon pen (I had extras to take a picture of).

 It's little

 I mean, I can't even feel that thing go in my skin. On the other hand, I think that if I couldn't feel that sucker in the bag go in, I'd have to have dead nerves everywhere. 

It occurred to me, on the drive home, that perhaps, I'd misremembered the size of the needle, so when I got back, I popped it down next to a dime we had lying around. This is what I saw

Dear Lord, let me die

Oh my God, Becky, look at that needle!!!

It was then that I realized that there's a second needle in the bag and that it's not nearly as terrifying

Oh, well, that's okay then

It was then that I realized that the monster needle is what I'm supposed to puncture the vials with and the little needle will go in my skin. It's still not as small as the Puregon needle, but it doesn't look nearly as terrifying.

So tomorrow, I take my trigger shot to force ovulation and Tuesday, we go in for our fourth round of IUI. From there, we keep our fingers crossed.

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