Faced with hormone injections, I was nervous because the thought of sticking a needle in my stomach was greatly concerning to me. However, I wasn't much concerned about the side effects as I haven't experienced many of those throughout this process.

All artificial hormones carry similar side effects with them: nausea, vomiting, fatigue, mood swings -- very similar to actually being pregnant. But thus far, Femara/Letrazole and Clomid haven't given me any of those.

But now I'm on Puregon - an artificial version of Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH) and boy have the mood swings come to stay.

On one hand, the hormones added to my Concerta (ADHD medication) seem to be motivating me to new heights. I deep cleaned for an hour and a half the other day. 

On the other, I'm so tired I don't want to move.

On the third (I now have three hands), I'm so irritable that I could kill everyone.

I feel all three of these things at once, usually.

In the end, I'm highly motivated to commit murder, but I'm so tired that I don't. Everyone's winning.

Tonight is my third and final injection of Puregon, and on Thursday, I find out how well it worked. Fingers crossed!

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