Krazy Krunchy Mommy

Krazy Krunchy Mommy

I'm a science-based gal. I have a degree in biology, I'm pro-vaxx, round earth, climate-change believer, data driven, and peer-review insistent.

That being said, I genuinely believe that every person who deals with infertility reaches a point where they are willing to do anything to be pregnant. I have reached that point.

Infertility is emotionally exhausting, and treatments are physically taxing. Most of the time, I just want to lie in my bed and sleep. This isn't depression. I know the difference between exhaustion and depression. I am weariness embodied.

So, I've reached the point where something has to give, and if there's any logical reason at all to believe that something will work, I'm trying it. Heck, if there's no logical reason it won't work, I'll try it.

That's why there's a rose quartz heart blessed by the goddess under my pillow. I have a friend who's Wiccan and performed a fertility rite complete with salt and incense and candles. I've had it under my pillow for months now, and I put it in my bra when we went in for the second round of IUI.

Because, you know what? There is literally no study that says that it won't help. In fact, studies show that a positive attitude can help you conceive, so why the heck not?

In addition to crazy fertility rite rock, I also have a fertility meditation playlist on Spotify with over 4 hours of fertility meditations and healing energy and beta waves and... Well, you can check it out. 

I'm going to see if my fertility acupuncturist can fit me in next week. I have no idea how fertility acupuncture works, but I don't really care. There are a few peer-reviewed studies that say that it's potentially real.

 And, well, I'm trying to figure out what other insanity I can subscribe to. Something has to work, right?

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